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What We Offer

Leadership is about empowerment….of oneself as well as others 

At Martinstown Lodge we will work with you to understand what you want to achieve as an individual, as a business or as a team. We have created a safe and relaxing space, located in an idyllic rural setting, where we deliver bespoke coaching and innovative leadership and team development experiences to support you on your transformational journey. 


We will work with you to understand what you want to achieve and overcome those blocks that can hold you back from moving forward. We will help you identify performance gaps that could be career limiters, and explore those areas and develop skills to support you in your professional development within your organisation, your business or successfully getting that new job! 


And wait for it…… is the difference!!!

We do this by working with our horses (no horse riding involved!!). This process will challenge you to think differently, all in a natural and safe space for learning. This is a proven effective method that gets to the core of issues powerfully and effectively, in an impactful and sustainable way. 

What you can Expect

Increased self-awareness of leadership style

Improved effective communication skills

Building trust and respect within teams

Most importantly guaranteed fun, relaxation and a powerful learning experience, a talking point for years to come!

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