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  • What is coaching?
    My aim as a coach is to work with and support you when you are ready for change, no matter what that change is. I will help you identify and work through and overcome any potential self-limiting beliefs such as inner imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough, not ticking all those job specification criteria, giving you the freedom to achieve your goals. I will support you on your transformational journey. I will work with you to help you move forward into your best future. Ultimately coaching is for you if you are ready to change, to accept full responsibility for effecting the outcomes you desire. Come work with me to move forward into your amazing and fulfilling future, whether that be a new job, a promotion and more importantly - an overall improved quality of life.
  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    Coaching focuses more on the client’s future. Therapy has traditionally been more focused on the client’s past. So where does the boundary between therapy and coaching begin and end? ‘a different approach to the mental health/mental ill health boundary is necessary by focussing on answering the question “what to do?” rather than the question “what is wrong?”’ Buckley (2007)
  • How will I know if coaching is for me?
    The best way to know is to set up a free consultation. If you feel like you’re ready to commit to making positive changes in your life, I would love to work with you!
  • Why do we work with horses?
    Horses have been on the planet for over 80 million years, humans have been here for about 40,000… horses have managed to survive and evolve on the planet over this time. Horses have evolved and learnt over those 80m years and are adept at understanding leadership in its most authentic and real sense. They provide an opportunity for us to reflect on how we are and how we communicate in a completely non-judgemental way. They give immediate and instant feedback that we all can learn from. This happens in a much faster way than coaching alone allows. Our intention is to create a space where you can interact with the horse to notice potential blocks within yourself as a leader or as a team, the things that perhaps get in your way of achieving more. You do not need to have any horse experience and no horse riding is involved. We just ask that you come with a curiosity and a willingness to be present and learn. Equine Coaching experiences are centred around exercises and interactions with horses, horses are our trainers. You do not need to have any horse experience and no horse riding involved — we just ask that you come with a curiosity and a willingness to be present and learn. These experiences are designed to enable clients, whether individuals or teams, to see themselves more clearly and become aware of how their way of being might getting in their way of progression. They sense and respond to subtle cues in our behaviour and therefore provide instant, honest and accurate feedback in the moment – creating experiences which get to the core of issues quickly and effectively. As well as being a very powerful mechanism for development horses also slow everything down and bring us back to what is real, what is here and what is now…grounding us and helping us re-evaluate who we are and how we are in the world.
  • Where do we meet for our sessions?
    This is decided during our free consultation session; I can conduct sessions any number of ways: the workshops will all be on site. Coaching is available in person or virtual.
  • How long do clients work with me
    This can vary and will depend on your goals. We offer a range of packages and also intensive bespoke days on the farm. Please contact me to arrange your complementary session and we can discuss your requirements and take it from there
  • I have more questions what do I do?
    Please contact Emma Jane on 087 4139265 or if you would like to have a chat about our work here at Martinstown Lodge or book a free consultation.
  • Is coaching expensive / are the courses expensive?
    I can guarantee that if you are ready for change and are willing to come with an open mind you will gain a return on your investment in coaching. We have different packages available depending on your coaching and training needs, contact us for more information.
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