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Leadership Development

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Leadership is about empowerment…. of oneself as well as others 

Do you want to accelerate your leadership development?
Are you ready for immediate, honest and non-judgemental feedback?
Are you ready to leave your comfort zone, do something different and challenge yourself in a safe outdoor space?

If you answered yes, then our bespoke leadership programme at Martinstown Lodge is definitely for you. We believe that leadership is an art, and that it can be developed and nurtured. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader. These bespoke one and two day workshops are particularly tailored for you if you want to enhance your leadership and resilience skills. We structure our workshops, working with the horses to provide a unique learning experience. This is not role play, this is real play where you can learn working with the horses how you communicate and they will act as a mirror of how you are, all in a non-judgemental way. 


I arrived at Martinstown Lodge unsure of what to expect but came away amazed at how the horses can bring you on a journey of self-discovery on your leadership style. Emma Jane was an excellent tutor with the ability to pose questions that really make you think about how you lead. She had an excellent way of highlighting situations between you and the horse and then always translating it back to the real world and what you do at work. An extremely worthwhile day for anyone wanting to improve how they lead that involves a workshop completely away from desks and office space.

Nora Stapleton

We can’t wait to welcome you on our farm and introduce you to our fabulous horses 

Self Catering

We are currently developing our onsite accommodation, which will be available early in 2022. In the meantime, we are working with local partners who have fantastic facilities in the area if you would like to extend your stay.

Darnley Lodge Hotel
The Lawrence
Boyne Valley Glamping

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