Coaching Through Horses

What is possible is beyond what is imagined

At Martinstown Lodge we provide the opportunity to work with our horses on one to one coaching basis on our farm, something different from the traditional way.

Let’s be clear here…we are not expecting any cow boy tricks!! All our work with the horses is on the ground, and there is no horse riding involved or horse knowledge required!

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Career coaching has given me a clearer idea of my strengths, values and future goals. I have been
able to re-present my skills in a different way. Both the sessions and the assignments given were
very clear and inspiring, they led me to think in very different ways about my working self. Emma
Jane was very professional and encouraging and took the time to listen to my thoughts, and make
very helpful suggestions along the way. I would recommend Emma Jane Career coaching sessions
without hesitation. I am very glad to have had this opportunity, I think it has been a very
worthwhile experience. With many thanks to Emma Jane, who has been excellent throughout.

S Torni

We can’t wait to welcome you on our farm and introduce you to our fabulous horses