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Our Story

My aim in life is to bring this knowledge and experience I have gained to assist working with companies and individuals to assist them to develop and deliver to their fullest potential.

Ken and I moved to Martinstown Lodge from a fast paced life style coming home to rural County Meath in 2018. Martinstown Lodge is a 200 year old farm, with 16 acres and a range of outbuildings. It previously operated as a riding school facility. We have invested time and hard work in re-instating the farm, including renovating the house, existing stables and horse sand arena. We had a vision when we bought here to reinstate the farm, bring it back to life and then share it with people who want to reconnect with the countryside whilst also creating a haven for professional development.  

My love of horses, nature and rural living saw me realise my dream in the move to Martinstown Lodge. 

Over the last decade I have worked in a large semi state organisation at a senior management level with a proven leadership track record for developing and managing complex projects and multi million euro budgets. I am passionate about working with people, and have successfully achieved several qualifications in executive coaching and corporate wellbeing. I wanted to support my experience and my knowledge with academic learning.


My aim in life is to bring this knowledge and experience and work with companies and individuals to assist them to develop and deliver to their fullest potential. My love of horses, nature and rural living saw me realise my dream in the move to Martinstown Lodge. 


I am now living my best life, using my wealth of experience, along with my coaching and senior leadership to help others achieve their dreams. I know what it is like to get in your own way, to doubt and feel that imposter syndrome. I am committed to helping others overcome the obstacles in their lives and realise their full potential.  

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Ken, my partner, is a highly experienced service engineer, working nationally, installing high tech equipment in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. He, like me, shares the passion of helping people and has a focus on the inclusion of people with special needs. He knows first-hand the significant therapeutic benefits of working with horses. He successfully qualified as Therapeutic Riding Instructor from Festine Lente in 2019. 

Ken and I have also developed a number of other activities on the farm, including social farming. This has the aim to work with people who have a disability or mental health issues to come on to the farm and connect with traditional country ways and the outdoors and nature. 


About The Area

Martinstown Lodge is located just 40 minutes outside Dublin on once a traditional dairy farm and now a recently renovated equestrian facility. We have worked here over the last number of years to bring the house and cottage back to life, at all times respecting the 200-year history of the place. Our ambition for Martinstown Lodge is to create a haven, a safe space for people to take time out of their busy lives and provide a platform to reflect on their careers, their leadership and their ambitions for their lives. We want to work with people who are ready to take their career to the next level!


I discovered coaching at a challenging time in my career, a crossroads. I went for coaching and from there I excelled and gained promotions after going through the process. I did not change who I was, I just changed my approach and that’s what we will do here at Martinstown Lodge.  We create the space in order for you to reach your goals and get out of your own way to achieve these.

We also provide an opportunity to include some work with our horses, horses provide an ideal platform for a non-judgmental way of reflecting on who we are in the world and how we communicate as leaders. This work has been proven to be incredibly powerful and enables us all as leaders to engage with and show up as our authentic selves.


Martinstown Lodge / Mentoring

Emma Jane has been selected to participate on a panel of expert mentors for a number of Local Enterprise Offices. The Mentor Programme is designed to match up the knowledge, skills, insights and entrepreneurial capability of experienced business practitioners with small business owner/ managers who need practical and strategic one to one advice and guidance. The mentor contributes independent, informed observation and advice to aid decision making. This is supported and funded in full for successful applicants (both new and existing businesses).


Contact Emma Jane for further details on the areas she covers.

Martinstown Lodge /
Social Farming  

This is a project very close to our hearts at Martinstown Lodge. We feel incredibly privileged to live here and want to ensure that we share this with others who would benefit from visiting here. We are committed to connecting people with nature, the outdoors and also engaging with traditional practices, with a focus on intergenerational learning and knowledge sharing. 

At Martinstown Lodge we are passionate about helping people. Ken is a qualified therapy coach and works with young people to support them…… We have been selected to participate in social farm training and are in the process of developing a social farm at Martsintown Lodge. Social Farming offers people who are socially, physically, mentally or intellectually disadvantaged the opportunity to spend time on a family farm in a healthy, supportive and inclusive environment. Social farming activity takes place in a safe and supportive environment taking into account an individual’s abilities, desires and interests.  Focus remains on encouraging participants to socialise, gain confidence and build relationships. The farm is not a specialised treatment farm; rather it remains a typical working farm where people in need of support can benefit from relationship building through farm activities in a nonclinical environment.

Mentoring & Social Farming
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