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"Don't Tell Me I Can't Do Something" Emma Jane Clarke on The Coffee At Eleven Show

"I was scared of going for my dream. …

because I have this innate… fear of failure. So I never failed at anything I did.

... about four years ago, I had a significant horse riding accident... I obliterated my pelvis... I ended up three months in a wheelchair, couldn't walk, two surgeries, a lot of metal. I always kind of thought I was a bit weak. And I discovered through this that I have this unbelievable strength and this resilience. And that actually the one thing I didn't suffer from before the accident was gratitude."

Emma Jane Clarke

What a conversation!

Emma Jane Clarke admitted that she feels very privileged to have been raised by parents who endowed upon her and her siblings steadfast self-belief, however, she has needed all of it and more to get to the beginnings of the current chapter in an already amazing life.

From Forestry Foreman (yes!) to managing a €20m budget via LEADER, to a near debilitating accident, to finally achieving her dream to own some land and horses, we were taken on the wildest of rides when Emma Jane zoomed into the Café for a chat recently.

Stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and enjoy the chat with Emma Jane Clarke on The Coffee at Eleven

Show, Season 4, Episode 10 replay in your preferred way...

Yours Truly

Colm O'Brien

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